How to Make a Cwallet Internal Transfer

Cwallet internal transfer

Why Do you Prefer Internal Transfers:

  • Transferring funds on Cwallet without requiring on-chain confirmation and paying on-chain fees.

  • It allows users to make transfers quickly and without needing to go through additional steps.

As long as you are a Cwallet user, this wallet fits your any needs.

How to Make an Internal Transfer

  • To send tokens to a Cwallet user via crypto address:

1. Visit Cwallet and click "Send".

2. Scan the QR code or paste the recipient's address after selecting the token. Lastly, enter the transfer amount followed by the "Confirm" button to complete the transfer.

  • To receive tokens from a Cwallet user:

1. Visit Cwallet and click "Receive".

2. Copy and paste the address or have your friend scan the QR code. Prior to confirming the transfer, the sender needs to specify the transfer amount.

  • To send tokens to a Cwallet user via Cwallet account ID:

Visit Cwallet, select the token you want to transfer, and enter the recipient's Cwallet account id. (Displayed in the profile.)

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