How to Use the Non-Custodial Wallet

Cwallet is the first-ever combined custodial & non-custodial crypto wallet. Non-custodial wallet is accessible on Cwallet app only.

Using Cwallet's non-custodial wallet, you can create your wallet, send and receive cryptos, make transfers, and view market data. It is possible to have multiple wallets and to remove a wallet. You will be able to access your wallet at any time as long as you have the private phrase.

In the following, you will learn:

  • How to create a wallet

  • How to send cryptos

  • How to receive cryptos

  • How to view transaction record

  • How to remove a wallet

How to create a wallet

1. Log into the Cwallet app and tap the switch button in the upper left corner of the homepage. After that, you will switch to the non-custodial wallet.

2. Tap Create new wallet to create a wallet for on-chain asset management.

3. Create a name and select an icon for this wallet. Tap Continue.

4. It is recommended that you back up Recovery Phrase now. You may also tap Continue to begin using your wallet and back up later. It is used for the next login to the wallet.

  • If you choose to back up Recovery Phrase now, please create a passcode first, as it will be used to protect your assets in every transaction and security setting change.

Please read the following carefully and mark the boxes, then tap Back Up Now.

You will be able to view your private phrase on this page. Make a copy and store it safely. You can begin using your wallet by tapping Done.

Note: This private phrase is required when logging in again after removing the wallet. Remember to never make your private phrase public, anyone has our private phrase may steal your asset.

8. Using your wallet, you are now able to transfer crypto assets and view market data in an overview or for a specific token.

How to send cryptos

1. To send your assets of a specific token, add the token and swipe left and tap Send.

2. Enter the amount of tokens you wish to send or the value of the transfer in fiat currency USD.

Upon entering, you will be able to view the relevant network fees.

After you have confirmed the amount, press Enter

3. Enter the destination wallet address. You can either enter the recipient's address or scan the QR code, then press Send to view the details.

Tips: Press Advanced and there are 3 of processing speeds and associated network charges to choose from.

4. Once you have confirmed the transaction information, please swipe right to send your assets.

5. As soon as the transfer is successful, you will be able to view the transaction details on the token profile, including the crypto amount, withdrawal address, and TXID.

How to receive cryptos

1. To receive a specific crypto transaction, first add the token by pressing the + button. Then locate the token, swipe left and press Receive.

2. The following page displays the payment address and the QR code of the payment address. Transfer your assets to your payment address and you will receive the crypto in your wallet.

  • Share deposit address: Using the share button, you can also share the deposit address info with other people on social media platforms

3.Upon successful payment, the page will display the payment details, including the sending address, the TXID, etc.

How to use your asset dashboard

1. You can view your asset distribution with percentage on the homepage. Press the percentage diagram to have an overall view.

Here is the overall view of your asset:

2. In this page, you can view the total amount of inflows and outflows as well as asset trends.

How to remove a wallet

Note: Please ensure that your private phrase(mnemonic) of the wallet has been backed up before removing the wallet. Without a backup, you will not be able to retrieve the wallet after its deletion, so your assets will be lost.

1. Tap the wallet list to view all of your wallets. Locate a wallet and tap the Edit button.

It will not be possible to remove the current selected wallet, only the wallet that has not been selected can be removed.

3. You are able to back up your mnemonics before you remove it. After that, tap Remove this wallet.

4. Double check your wallet balance here and tap Remove wallet to remove it.

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