How to Swap in the Non-Custodial Wallet

Cwallet is the first-ever combined custodial & non-custodial crypto wallet. Non-custodial wallet is accessible on Cwallet app only.

Cwallet provides 400+ Token/ Coin Swap and cross-chain Swap. Analyze and manage each of your swap transactions automatically, provide you with a wide range of swap route options, and calculate the best transaction route for you automatically.

You can perform security and convenience Swap in Cwallet.

👉 Follow these steps to access Swap:

Choose the Token and Network you want to swap

  • Visit the Non-Custodial Wallet homepage and click “Swap”.

  • Choose the "From Token" and Network:

  • Then, choose the "To Token" and Network you want.

  • Enter the amount of From Token, the amount you fill in has to be within the limitation to ensure the transaction can be created successfully.

Customize the Network fee, Slippage tolerance and Transfer route to fit your need:

  • Network fee: Network fees are fees paid to the miners of the cryptocurrency network you are using for your transaction, this refers to the gas fee required for every blockchain transaction.

  • Slippage tolerance: Slippage tolerance is a setting for the amount of price slippage you are willing to accept for a trade. By setting slippage tolerance, you basically set a minimum amount of how many tokens you will accept, in the event that the price increases or decreases.

  • Transfer route: According to the token and network you chose, Cwallet will calculate the transfer best route for you. Of course, you can choose another route you prefer as well.

Confirm Swap

  • After finishing the swap set, there will provide swap order details for you, please check and make sure the information is correct before tapping "confirm".

✅ Please kindly wait for the authorization processing when you tap the "confirm" button.

Note: Network fees are charged based on the network you swap from

As soon as the transaction is done, you can check the transaction record on the swap history page, there is the Order ID, Token amount and Hash, etc.

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