To Get Started - Join Cwallet Server and Enable Bot

Creating your own exclusive Cwallet bot is the way to invite Cwallet bot to your community.

The following is the main steps of enabling the Cwallet bot in your community:

1. Create your exclusive bot

2. Invite the exclusive bot to your server

Note: The Cwallet official Discord bot (CC Bot #4880) is not allowed to be invited to other servers. 💡Check the tutorial of creating and inviting your Cwallet exclusive bot in this article:

Exclusive Bot on Discord

Upon inviting Cwallet exclusive bot to the community, you will be able to enjoy Cwallet Bot services in your server such as tip, airdrop, deposit, withdrawal, token info query and group management! You may also direct message to Cwallet bot and send commands to select a variety of services. Tips: All commands begin with /.

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