How to Set Up Referral Program

Offering welcome bonuses for new members and invitors to drive community promotion that generates opportunities for projects for rapid community growth.

Rules of Referral Program:

  • Whenever a new member is invited to a server, the inviter or invitee will be rewarded immediately.

  • In case of a keyword required, to trigger the reward, the invitee must send keywords

How to set up referral program

1. Visit Cwallet, navigate to the page Tools, locate the Bots and select Discord Bot

2. The list shows all bot-enabled servers. Select a server you would like to make changes on group settings permissions.

3. Tap Group Advanced Settings

4. Select Referral Program. Enable the switch button.

5. Please fill out the details of the reward followed by the button Save.

It is possible to control the amount of rewards distributed per day by setting a limit. Upon reaching the reward limit, the reward will not take effect until the following day.

You will be able to view it at the top.

Note: A deduction will be made from the server owner's Cwallet account for the cost of the referral program after it has been enabled.

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