Listing&Delisting Details

Listing&Delisting Details

Listing details

To guarantee user privileges on Cwallet, the platform will evaluate all projects before listing. Please refer to the following conditions:

  • In compliance with the regulatory requirements and use Cwallet correctly

  • No policy risks

Delisting details

To protect user interest in Cwallet, we reserve the right to delist the project or continue to support its trading on the platform. If the project triggers the following conditions, we will delist the project and no listing fees will be refunded. Delisting conditions include but is not limited to:

  • Overly frequent user complaint

  • Dismissed project team

  • Unavailability of old token due to contract upgrade

  • Significant legal issues of the project

  • Operation team of the project requested for removal from the platform based on its development needs and strategy adjustment

  • Severe unsolved technical issue or security issue

  • A significant deviation in the information display

  • Fork without notifying in advance

  • Any other matters that do not meet the requirements of continuing usage

  • Other acts involving violations of laws and regulations

Cwallet will issue a delisting announcement to the token owner 3 days in advance for the delisting project. Please remove the delisting assets from Cwallet within the time limit or your assets will be permanently lost.

Cwallet team reserves the final explanation of the protocol.

Tokens that Cwallet does not support

  1. Deflationary tokens or tokens that may be partly burned during transfer.

  2. Tokens that allow only a few specific accounts to transfer.

  3. Tokens of which assets will be frozen immediately after the transfer.

  4. Other tokens that do not meet the specifications you insist on listing the above several tokens, your tokens may risk being delisted by Cwallet and failures in withdrawal and the listing fee refund.

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