How to Establish a DAO

How to Establish a DAO

To enable the Dao group, please follow the steps below

1. Invite @cctip_bot or your exclusive bot to your group

2. Promote the bot to group admin with all admin permissions except 'Remain Anonymous' and 'Add New Admins'.

3. Log in to Cwallet with your Telegram account and go to page Bots > Telegram Bot. Click the bot that you use in the group and click into the group from the list below to enter settings.

4. Click Subscription Or DAO > select DAO Group

5. Set up a qualification of asset verification for the group:

  • Choose Cwallet Balance: Verify whether the user has the specified balance in his or her Cwallet account

Available Tokens: You can select the tokens supported by Cwallet to be available for verification. It is possible to select a single token, a group of tokens, or all tokens.

The Minimum Holdings: The minimum amount (in USD) that users must hold on Cwallet balance.

Introduce Your Group (Optional): During the process of joining via bot, your group introduction will be displayed there.

  • Choose On-Chain Balance: Verify whether the user has the specified amount on his or her crypto wallet.

Add settings:

a. Select the tokens supported by Cwallet, add other tokens manually, or add NFT by entering the contract address.

b. Choose the unit of token amount, which can be in USD or in tokens.

c. You may add one or more tokens/NFTs as the verification requirement.

Verify all asset requirements: users must hold all of the specified tokens/NFTs with the required amount.

Verify one of the assets requirements: The user only needs to meet one of the verification requirements.

6. Once all the settings have been made, click Publish to save the changes. You will see the invitation link for your DAO group here. Share it and let other users join your group!

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