Anti-Robot Strategies

Cwallet anti-bot strategies

Anti-Robot Strategies

Since we launched, we have encountered some incidents of users abusing Cwallet's tip feature. We have received a lot of complaints and feedbacks from other users on after another.

We have no tolerance for illegal use on Cwallet includes but not only limited the following incidents causing damage to the benefit of other normal users:

  • Using scripts to automatically or regularly receive free tokens

  • Using scripts to send airdrops with spam and scam

  • Creating multiple zombie accounts to grab free tokens

The Cwallet team attached great importance to it, severely cracked down on it, and took measures to restrict or permanently ban account for a period time.

How to identify illegal use and normal use?

We will identify between malicious scripts and normal use from multiple dimensions. We identify illegal use and take measures by checking the authenticity of social accounts, filtering IP address, analyzing user’s behavior, and verifying interface signatures.

Authenticity detection of social accounts

We have different detection methods for diverse social platforms. For example, on Twitter, we have certain requirements for the number of fans, the date of creation, the number of followers, and the numbers of tweets posted by users. These methods raise the threshold for script browsing and effectively reduce the number of malicious users.

User behavior analysis

We spent a lot of time and effort to create user profiles of these accounts, and calculated the behavior model of script users. Once we detected that the users who fit our model will be tagged. We will adopt the strategy of blocking.


If your account is identified as illegal use or robot script account, then Cwallet will restrict your account transfer, withdrawal and other operations. You will not be able to grab airdrops, tip users or withdrawal via Cwallet.

In order to safeguard the benefit of normal users, we will continue to resolutely crack down on the illegal use of Cwallet from script users, robot users, and the behavior that disrupt the order on the social platform.

Appeal for restricted accounts

Please use it correctly to actively maintain the order and report violation to us at the official support channel:

Thank you for your understanding and support!

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