Exclusive Bot on Discord

Exclusive Bot on Discord

Brief Description:

Exclusive bot has the same functions as Cwallet BOT in server: tip, airdrop, deposit, withdrawal, token info query, DAO, subscription, referral program, etc.

In order to use Cwallet bot, you must create a Cwallet exclusive bot due to Cwallet BOT cannot be invited to other servers.

What you need to know before inviting and enabling an exclusive bot:

  1. Only the server owner may invite Cwallet exclusive bot to join groups that already possess a CC exclusive bot.

  2. The newly added exclusive bot will inherit all settings from the old exclusive bot.

  3. The old exclusive bot will be removed from the group and will no longer be applicable for commands and settings.

  4. Group-related tips and advanced group settings will not be changed.

  5. About group advanced settings: If there are advanced group settings (DAO and Subscription), please set the new bot as an admin with the default permission, otherwise the advanced group settings won’t be available. For instance, in the non-admin state of the exclusive, the functions of subscription and DAO will not be enabled. Users in the group who lose their qualifications to join the group (for example, the subscription period has expired, or the user's assets no longer meet the DAO's asset verification settings) , users in the group will not be removed from the group, and other users can freely be added to the group.

  6. About invitation link of subscription and DAO: For subscriptions/DAO created before inviting and enabling new exclusive bots, you need to change the bot username in the group's invitation link (you may find the link and change it in the private message of Cwallet bot) to the new bot username of the exclusive bot to share with other users to ensure they will be able to enter correctly the group. For example, as shown in the image below, this subscription group/DAO group was created before you invited and enabled the new exclusive bot, and was created by @cctip_bot. 🚫 Since you have replaced @cctip_bot with exclusive bot, the invitation link of DAO or Subscription has expired.

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