How to Verify Fairness

Verify Fairness

To get Started

1.Following the drawing of the giveaway, click the icon on the giveaway page: Provably Fair Draw

2. What information you will need to verify fairness:

  • Before the draw, you are given the following information: ServerSeed Hash, Number of Participants, Number of Winners and your PID.

ServerSeed Hash is used to verify the ServerSeed after the giveaway is drawn, to confirm whether we have tampered. You will get ServerSeed after the draw.

  • After the draw, you are able to view all following information which will be used for verifying the fairness by algorithm: ServerSeed, ServerSeed Hash, ClientSeed (Target ETH block hash), Number of Participants, Number of Winners and your PID.

To verify the ServerSeed

How to verify: To determine whether we've tampered with it or not, you can encrypt the ServerSeed given in the giveaway using HmacSHA256, and compare the hashed value with the ServerSeedHash given in the giveaway.

How to check the result: If the ServerSeed Hash you got in HmacSHA256 matches the one given in the giveaway (the values are the same)✅, it indicates that no tampering has occurred.

To verify the giveaway result

4. To verify the draw result, click Verify first.

5. Now you enter the verification page. There is no need to change anything, click Verify again to begin verifying your giveaway results automatically by the algorithm.

6. By using algorithms, the verified result will be displayed here; the result will show whether your giveaway result matches what you got, if it does, it means the giveaway is fair and genuine.

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