About Group Manger in a Server

What is group manager

Server owner has the highest level of server management authority after inviting Cwallet bot to join the server.

Additionally, management permissions can be flexibly granted to other users for effective server management. Whenever a server owner designates a member as Group Manager, the member will have access to server-related Cwallet bot settings.

Please note: all group management expenses (currently only the Referral Program will incur expenses) will be deducted from the server owner's Cwallet. Please grant permissions carefully.

What can a server owner do in the server

You are able to view a list of all bot-enabled server is available in your server list.

  • View and set up all settings.

  • Grant or cancel group setting permissions to a role by tapping the button + Add Manager.

Note: 1. Once a role has been granted permission to make group settings, this role can find this server in his server list on Cwallet and make changes on settings.

2. A deduction will be made from the server owner's Cwallet account for the cost of the referral program after it has been enabled.

What can a group manager do in a server

A group manager, designated by the server owner, has access to the group's settings (which function on the server), such as welcome message, tip settings, and advanced group settings.

Your permission can also be revoked or changed by the server owner.

How to set up a group manager

Sever owners can grant group setting permissions to any role at will.

1. Visit Cwallet, navigate to the page Tools, locate the Bots and select Discord Bot

2. The list shows all bot-enabled servers. Select a server you would like to make changes on group settings permissions.

3. Tap Group Manager.

4. Tap +Add Manager to add a role for permissions assignment.

5. To enable permission, please tap the switch button followed by the Save button.

The group manger is able to locate this server in his CC server list and adjust its settings now.

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