Why Cannot Swap a Token

Cwallet swap

Which Tokens are Available to Swap?

On Swap page, there is a list of all the tokens available for swapping currently.

We're working on adding more swap options to provide our users with the best rates available.

Why Cannot I Swap a Token?

  • Unsupported Token

You may at one point want to swap a coin/token our partner exchanges don't support. For checking whether the token is supported by Cwallet in the list of all tokens, you can click the "+" button on the Wallet page.

  • Token is Under Maintenance

You may also find that a token that you swapped before is no longer available to swap. Withdrawing/depositing with Cwallet is always possible. However, when it comes to swapping, they can be momentarily taken offline for maintenance or upgrade.

  • Excessive Volatility of Token Prices

Cwallet detects whether the corresponding conversion price is reasonable according to the real-time currency status regularly. If it is unreasonable, the service will not be provided temporarily.

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