How to Set Up Referral Program

How to Set Up Referral Program

To enable the Referral Program, please follow the steps below

1. Invite @cctip_bot or your exclusive bot to your group

2. Promote the bot to group admin with all admin permissions except 'Remain Anonymous' and 'Add New Admins'.

3. Log in to Cwallet with your Telegram account and go to page Bots > Telegram Bot. Click the bot that you use in the group and click into the group from the list below to enter settings

4. Fill up the referral reward details for inviter and invitee followed by the Save button.

  • Inviter Reward: the referral reward for inviter.

  • Newcomer Reward: the referral reward for newcomer

  • The newcomer rewards must be set for both the inviter and the newcomer.

  • Daily Reward Limit: to avoid multi-account users, you may set a limit on the total number of rewards that may be claimed each day.

  • Keywords for Reward: Whenever a new member joins the group, the bot will prompt him/her to send this keyword to activate the reward, otherwise the referral reward will not be available for this inviter and newcomer.

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