Check Invitation Link of a DAO

The invitation link for a Dao differs from the link for a group. If you are the owner or have permission to view group settings, you can find the invitation link for Dao on the following page.

1. Dm @cctip_bot or your exclusive bot, and click the button Group Management.

2. Click Group Access Control button.

3. Select your group, or click Next to view more group.

4. Here are the details of the DAO group

  • You may check it on the bot dashboard

  • You may check it on app

1. On the Telegram Bot page, tap the QR code on the right side of the group displayed as #Dao to view the invitation link and the QR code Or you may tap on a DAO group to visit its settings page.

2. Enter the group settings page, please tap the QR code icon in the upper right corner of the settings page, where you will see the invitation link and the invitation QR code of the DAO group

The invitation link will display as follows: link, QR code

Also includes these formats that require coding: button, image, and link with customized text. Customize the information and you can embed it on your website.

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