How to Transfer and View NFT on Cwallet

How to Transfer and View NFT on Cwallet

How to deposit and view NFTs

1. Log in to Cwallet and click NFTs button on the homepage to transfer to NFT collection page.

When you select a network to receive NFT, you will receive the corresponding QR code and receiving address. Please confirm the network before sending your NFT to your deposit address.

2. As soon as the NFT you deposited arrives in your account, it will be displayed in the collection column.

Click to view related information about your NFT.

In the Transfer Record, you will be able to view the record of your deposited NFT

How to withdraw NFTs

1. On the home page, select an NFT and click Send NFT button to send your NFT to other wallet address.

2. To send NFT, simply enter the destination address or scan the QR code.

If it is going to a Cwallet user, there is no need to proofread the network. Just enter the Cwallet ID and it will send immediately without network fees and any service fees.

3. Click Confirm to process your order.

In the transfer record, you can view the sent NFT.

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