Where is My Reward After Delinking a Platform

Where is My Reward After Delinking a Platform

You may suffer the following confusion:

I just delinked a platform from Cwallet. How do I view the rewards that I have received after delinking?

Do not worry, your reward has been credited to your Cwallet account. Whether you delink the platform account or not, your funds will remain in your Cwallet account. Each Cwallet account has a unique ID, which is on the profile page, and the platform association does not make effect.

Thus, it is very important to remember the login method such as linked platform, crypto wallet and verifications: verified email address, mobile number.

Upon delinking, you will not be able to use the platform account to access the previous Cwallet account. If you attempt to log in with the platform, you will be prompted to register a new Cwallet account linked with this platform.

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