How to Top Up My Phone via Cwallet

The following is a guide on how to top up your mobile phone via Cwallet

1. Upon logging into Cwallet navigate to the Tools page and select Mobile Refills

2. Choose the country of the mobile phone number to be topped up and enter the phone number.

When the country has been identified, the supported operators will be displayed below. Please select one of the operators. Upon confirming that the information is accurate, click the Next button.

The history of the mobile number you used will be retained so that you may directly select it.

3. There are 3 types of services offered by the operator: Data-package, Top-up and Bundle. There can be multiple services selected, but you may select only one plan per service per order.

As an example, you can order a top-up for $7, a data package for $5, and a bundle for $15 in the same order.

Note: Some operators may only provide one of these services such as Top-up only.

4. Once you confirm the service you want to use, you can select the cryptocurrency you would like to pay for your mobile top-up order, then click Confirm to move on to the next step of viewing your order details.

5. This page shows the details of your order:

  • Your country and mobile phone number

  • Selected services (such as top-ups or data-packages)

  • Exchange rate from fiat to cryptocurrency(updated every 10 seconds)

  • Estimated time of delivery: your mobile top-up will be credited within 10-30 min

  • The total amount to be paid in fiat currency and the corresponding cryptocurrency amount.

Please check and confirm the information is correct, then click Pay to pay for your order.

As soon as you complete the payment for the mobile top-up order, this page will display the status of your order: Delivery in Progress, Success, or Failed. Alternatively, you can view the status of your order by clicking Transaction details.

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