How to Create and Manage Request

Use request to send and receive crypto with Cwallet friends and express yourself in each payment slip. Receive business payment for cooperation or your content.

Create a request

Here is a guide of creating a request:

1. Log in to Cwallet, navigate to Tools, select Request, click +Create Request to start creating.

2. Fill in the information related to the request and click Create to create the request.

Request Title: Indicate the purpose of this request. Let others know what is paid for and make you manage the request better in the dashboard.

Select Currency: Choose the fiat currency for the price standard.

Enter Amount: Enter the payment price based on the fiat currency.

Payment Request Description: Give your request a detail description or you may leave other messages here.

3. Now you have successfully create a request! Share the request to others via Twitter, Telegram, link, or save the payment code.

View and manage your request

In the dashboard, you can view all the requests you created, the total income of each request is clear at a glance, in addition, you may check each request code and transaction record as well. Easily manage all of your requests!

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