Mobile Top-Up Failed

Mobile Top-Up Failed

What causes my mobile top-up to fail

In the event that your top-up status page appears as shown below, then your top-up order has failed.

There may be 2 types of failed orders: all services failed and some services failed

The reason for failed services:

  • All services failed: 1. The mobile number entered is incorrect. 2. The operator does not accept the order due to an error or update.

  • Some services failed: The operator does not accept the order due to an error or update.

Refunds for failed order

It is not necessary to worry in the case of a failed order, as the failed service will be refunded to your Cwallet

You can check your order details in the Mobile Refills record, as well as in the Transaction Record.

  • To check failed order in Mobile Refills Record: 1. Go to Tools page, then select Mobile Refills. To view the history of all top-up orders, click on the clock symbol in the upper right corner. 2. Click on your failed order to view its details. This page will indicate that the failed service has been refunded.

  • To check failed order in Transaction Record: 1. Go to Transaction Record page, then select Buy with crypto in Category. 2. The following page will display failed orders and related refunded orders. The record marked with Refund is the refund record for the previous failed order. Click on the record to view the details.

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