Why Deposit Failed/Delayed

Why Deposit Failed/Delayed

Why hasn't my deposit arrived?

Ensure that you deposit the correct information, as incorrect information may result in permanent asset loss.

We would like you to confirm the following reasons for the delay or failure of your deposit:

  • Deposit Address:

    Incorrect deposit address

    Incorrect format for the deposit address

    Not the latest deposit address that has been changed

  • Account Status:

    The user's account has been banned or restricted from trading

    Payment password is changed within 24 hours

  • Token and Chain:

    The deposited token is different from the token associated with the filled-in address

    The deposited token and the token of the deposit address used do not belong to the same network (chain)

  • Token Status on Cwallet:

    The deposited token is under maintenance

    The deposited token is not supported on Cwallet

  • Transaction Status on Blockchain:

    The transaction is failed on Blockchain

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