How to Set Up Roles for Content Subscription

Who and where can set up a subscription role

  • Who Server owners or Group Manager which is granted permissions for server management have the option of setting up a subscription role for content subscription. Users who subscribe the role will gain access to specific channel set by the server owner.

About Group Manger in a Server
  • Where On Cwallet: Desktop wallet or app.

How to set up a subscription role

1. Visit Cwallet, navigate to the page Tools, locate the Bots and select Discord Bot

2. The list shows all bot-enabled servers. Select a server you would like to make changes on group settings permissions.

3. Tap Group Advanced Settings

4. Select Subscription. Enable the switch button.

5. Then tap + Add a Role to select your desired role for the subscription settings.

6. Add the subscription period and the corresponding subscription price, followed by the button Add to complete the setting. There can only be one subscription plan per role.

7. On this page, you can view all the subscription roles you have set. After saving the settings users will be able to start subscribing.

Your xclusive bot will DM you details about role subscriptions in Discord.

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