Friends united, earnings multiplied.

Invite friends to borrow, and earn up to 30% extra rewards

How do i get my profit

Just follow a few simple steps to get commission income

Invite a friend

Invite your friends to sign up with your referral link or code

Make a trade

When your friend make a loan, you will get profit.

Claim your profit

Claim your profit at any time.

How it works

Invite your friends to join Cwallet and use the borrowing feature to receive 30% of the interest as a reward.


Visit the Referral page and share your invitation link or code with your friends.


After successful registration, your friends can initiate a borrowing transaction on the Cwallet.


Upon successful borrowing, rewards will be settled to your account per hour.


After successful repayment, rewards will be created in your Cwallet account.

Invite as many friends as you want! The more your friends borrow, the greater your rewards.

Note: Once your friends close their borrowing transactions, you will no longer receive rewards from those orders.