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Cwallet Official

Staff Verification

  • Cwallet staff will never ask you for any OTP/code, or any transfer request
  • Please do not disclose your personal information or account passwords to anyone
  • Please do not transfer assets to any purported 'Cwallet staff'


Ensure case sensitivity matches the information to verify.
Watch Out! Fake Telegram Admins
Scammers impersonate Cwallet Telegram admins by mimicking profiles to exploit users. Verify authenticity by cross-checking the official admin list. Never share personal information or follow unverified sources' instructions. Stay vigilant, protect your digital presence.
Never Share Verification Codes
Scammers posing as Cwallet staff/members request verification codes via DMs, claiming to resolve issues or unlock features. Sharing codes compromises account security, risking unauthorized access and fund loss. Legitimate Cwallet never asks for verification codes/passwords in DMs. Keep information secure, report suspicious activity.
Beware Of Fake Customer Service Scams
Scammers impersonating Cwallet support demand payments to resolve issues or unlock features. This is a major scam - Cwallet never asks for payments for support. Refrain from making such payments, and promptly report any demands to the official support team.