Swap - Exchange Cryptocurrencies with 15+ Agrregated DEXs And CEXs Across Different Chains On Multiple Networks

Cwallet's built-in swap feature compares rates across leading CEXs and DEXs, giving you the best price for lightning-fast transactions with no minimum exchange amount!


Easy, Fast, Secure & Free

Exchange Over 300 Cryptocurrencies Across 50+ Blockchains!

Instant, hassle-free swaps across different chains at zero cost! Exchange several assets with ease and effortlessly diversify your portfolio. Execute swaps between leading chains like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, and more!

More tokens, available soon!

Reliable Exchanges And Liquidity Providers

Cwallet instantly aggregates leading CEXs and DEXs to provide you with the best rate rates for token swaps. Hence, with a single click, you get the best exchange rates. We have a rich liquidity pool; hence, there are no limits for transactions, swap as little or as high as you want!

Benefits At A Glance
  • No Amount Limits
  • Best Exchange Rates
  • 300+ Tokens
  • Instant Transactions
  • Cross-Chain Swaps
  • Rich Liquidity Pool
Exchange crypto with best rate, instant swap crypto in wallet
Aggregated Exchangers
  • Multiple APIs
  • Reliable Liquidity Providers
  • Trusted Exchanges
  • Best Market Prices

Cwallet's aggregator finds the best market prices by analyzing numerous rates and prices across multiple exchanges in real time.

Aggregated DEXs And CEXs
Cwallet aggregates the exchanges below to ensure that adequate liquidity is available when needed, hence enabling instant swaps
Binance exchange


Bybit exchange


Kucoin exchange


Aave exchange


Balancer exchange


Uniswap exchange


Sundae exchange


Sushi exchange


Curve exchange


Quick exchange


Yay exchange


Dodo exchange


Matcha exchange


Pancake exchange


Para exchange


Palkastarter exchange


Built-In Swap Feature - Exchange Assets At Best Market Prices

Our swap feature offers you a dynamic market price, helping you make the best possible deal for maximum profits!

Exchange crypto with best rate, instant swap crypto in wallet

Start Exchange Now with Cwallet! Swap 300+ Cryptocurrencies

    800+ Tokens & 50+ blockchains integrated
    Instant transactions
    Best market rates
    Exchange 300+ cryptocurrencies
    No service fees
Exchange crypto with best rate, instant swap crypto in wallet


Are there any swap limits?

The Cwallet swap feature does not have a limit; all Cwallet users can exchange unlimited amounts of cryptocurrency within their wallets.

How does Cwallet charge the swap fee?

We charge the lowest service fee compared to other exchanges, and it is only four-thousandths of the amount you swapped, so it's basically free.

What are cross-chain swaps?

Cross-chain swap enables the swap of tokens between two unique blockchain networks; hence, users can directly swap tokens across chains without any intermediary or central authority. When you execute a swap through Cwallet Swap, your order is routed to the exchanges offering the best prices on the market with the highest efficiency.

What is liquidity? where does Cwallet’s liquidity come from?

Liquidity in cryptocurrency markets essentially refers to the ease with which users can swap a token for another. Cwallet Swap is connected to top DEXs and CEXs, aggregators, and synthetic asset providers, which all have rich liquidity pools. In addition, Cwallet has an endless liquidity pool to provide users with a rich crypto exchange environment.