Payment Button

Create customized payment buttons

Simply copy a line of code to accept Web3 payments on any blockchain, including cryptocurrency payments


Seamless payment collection

You can accept Web3 Payments directly on your website or APP without cumbersome setup. Simply use our payment button to bring up your payment widget.

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    Receive stable tokens

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    Create copy and paste

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    Unlimited customization

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What can Cwallet payment button do?

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    Online Shopping

    Easily sell services/products on your website and receive cryptocurrency payments.

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    Content creators

    Include a payment button under your articles and blogs without integrating payment into your website

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    kol Bounty

    Payment button supports TikTok, LinkedIn, Zoom and other third-party platforms for business cooperation or paid speech.

Our Advantages

Payment collection made easy with no coding required.

You can receive payments directly from your blog or website. Perfect for individuals, freelancers, small businesses and non-profit organizations.


Keep your revenue flowing with coverage for you

Protects your business from fluctuations in cryptocurrency prices,There are only stable tokens accepted for payment, which can be converted directly via Cwallet swap. It is also possible to exchange through any CEX/DEX.


Take your business global

Cwallet payment button offers easy-to-use APIs that integrate instant, low-cost global payments into any business or application with just 10 lines of code. Over 55 companies currently utilize Cwallet to collect payments.


What people say about us

Internationally acclaimed by customers and critics

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    In the time we have been using the Cwallet payment button, I have never had to worry about selling an item, thanks to the Cwallet payment button.

    Linda, Manager

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    After using Cwallet's payment button, the commissions I receive are stable and are no longer affected by the price of the coin.

    Zandaya, KOL

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    After using the tool, I was successfully rewarded for my efforts and my fans can create whatever they want without the fear of no return any more.

    Lin, Author

How It Works?

Create payment button in 3 simple steps


step 1

Create a payment button

We offer a free tool for creating payment buttons


step 2

Simply copy and paste the code and accept payment

Put this line of code in the place of your choice, either on the website or store where you wish to receive payments.


step 3

Receive payments in cryptocurrency

By clicking on the button, you can make payments and pay for items directly.

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Does the Cwallet payment button charge a fee?

It is free to use, there are no charges!

Does the Payment button have a limit on the amount I can receive?

There is no limit to the amount you can collect, you can choose whether to continue collecting payments inside the payment button.

What kind of tokens will I receive and will the price be affected?

Currently, the Cwallet payment button supports the trending 14 cryptocurrencies ranked by Coinmarketcap( If you are unsure which coin to select, you can exchange them immediately by using the Cwallet swap feature.

How do I create a payment button?

You may create a payment button on the website/app of Cwallet. Check out the tutorial: on how to create a payment button with simple steps.